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2014 Post-AASLD

The NCSCG is pleased to offer the slides from the 2014 Post-AASLD Symposium. To access the slides, click on the title below.


Management of the Complication of Cirrhosis

Presented by W. Ray Kim, MD


Current and Developing Strategies in the Management of HCC

Presented Francis Yao, MD


New Treatment Guidelines for the Management of NAFLD/NASH

Presented Raphael Merriman, MD, FACP, FRCPI


Drug Induced Liver Injury and Acute Alcoholic Hepatitis

Presented by Tim Davern, MD


Liver Biopsy versus Non-Invasive Tests of Fibrosis

Presented by Glen Lutchman, MD, MHSC


Update on Autoimmune Hepatitis

Presented by Marion Peters, MD

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