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Sonic Incytes introduces Velacur, the first handheld 3D liver health assessment tool that is fast, accurate and intelligent. Velacur is a breakthrough, point of care ultrasound solution that is redefining the standard of care for chronic liver disease.


With diagnostic accuracy comparable to MRI, Velacur combines the principles of MRI with handheld ultrasound to provide a practical and cost-effective way to quantify liver disease.

Velacur quantifies liver disease with greater accuracy and reliability than the current standard of care by measuring 30 times more liver tissue and a depth up to 15 cm. Steatosis and fibrosis measurements are generated immediately, as part of a 5-minute procedure.


With minimal upfront investment, a potential new revenue stream for physicians, and a procedure simple enough to be delegated by the physician, Velacur offers a cost-effective solution and improved patient management. 



Angela Koulyras

Director, Marketing & Communications

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