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2023 GI Symposium Slides & Webcasts

Debate Style Session
Controversy & Updates in Colorectal
Cancer Screening

Uri Ladabaum, MD
Douglas Corley, MD

Medical Management of Obesity in
Liver Disease

William Holt, MD

Updates in Cholestatic Liver Diseases

Kidist Yimam, MD I CMPC

Updates in Wilson Disease

Valentina Medici, MD, MAS, FAASLD I UC Davis Health

Updates in the Management of HE and Portal Hypertension 

Todd Frederick, MD I CPMC

Renal Disease in Cirrhosis

Giuseppe Cullaro, MD I UCSF

Approach to Acute/Chronic Pain in Cirrhosis

Jessica Rubin, MD, MPH I UCSF

Liver Transplant for Alcohol-Associated Liver Disease: Selection Committee Simulation

Aparna Goel, MD I Stanford

Courtney Sherman, MD I UCSF

BRIDGE Clinic (Behavioral Resources and Intervention through Digital Group Education)


Sara Miller MPH, FNP-BC I UCSF

Updates in Management of HBV/HDV

Nizar Mukhtar, MD

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