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2016 Post-DDW

.The NCSCG is pleased to offer the slides from the 2016 Post-DDW Symposium. To access the slides, click on the title below


Updates on Diverticular Diseases: New Concepts and Guidelines

Presented by Neil H. Stollman, MD


Updates in Esophageal Disease

Presented George Triadafilopoulos, MD


The Best of the Best -- High-Impact Presentations and Posters of Liver Disease at DDW and EASL

Presented by W. Ray. Kim, MD


Post-DDW Update in IBD

Presented by Uma Mahadevan, MD

Interventional Endoscopy 2016

Presented by Shai Friedland, MD


Viral Hepatitis

Presented by Jennifer C. Price, MD, PhD

Colon Cancer

Presented by Aparajita Singh, MD, MPH

Autoimmune Updates

Presented by Christopher L. Bowlus, MD


Quality Improvement

Presented by Chanda K. Ho, MD, MPH



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