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2019 Liver Symposium

.The NCSCG is pleased to offer the slides from the 2019 Liver Symposium. To access the slides, click on the title below

If the links are not activated, this indicates that the slides and videos will be available soon.

Autoimmune Liver Disease (presenter has chosen not to share slides)

Presented by Kidist Yimam, MD


NASH: Current Treatment Options vs. Clinical Trials

Presented by Edward Holt, MD


Beta Blockers in Patients with Advanced Cirrhosis and Ascites

Presented by Ray Kim, MD

DILI: Diagnostic and Treatment Challenges, Featuring the Use of Statins for Liver Disease

Presented by Tim Davern, MD

Debate Style Session - HCC and Transplant: Small Tumors as well as Tumors Outside of Transplant Areas

Presented by Francis Yao, MD and Renumathy Dhanasekaran, MD

Case 1 - Francis Yao

Management of HCC Case 1 - Renumathy Dhanasekaran

HCC and Transplant Debate Case 2 - Francis Yao

Management of HCC Case 2 - Renumathy Dhanasekaran

HBV Guideline Discrepancy: APASL vs. AASLD (presenter has chosen not to share slides)

Presented by Chanda Ho, MD

Liver Transplant for Alcoholic Hepatitis

Presented by Courtney Sherman, MD

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